Note: This component is not available in Product Subscription extensions.

Option lists let you create grouped items. This can include single selection or multiple selection of options. Option lists are styled differently than choice lists and should not be used within a form, but as a standalone menu.


optional = ?

Name Type Description
title? string Title to display above the list
options? OptionDescriptor[] Array of options to be listed
selected string[] Array of selected options
allowMultiple? boolean Allow more than one option to be selected
onChange (selected: string[]) => void Callback when selection changes


Name Type Description
value string Value of the option
label string Display label for the option
disabled? boolean Whether the option is disabled or not


✅ Do 🛑 Don't
Use OptionList to present either a single choice or multi choice list Have only a single item

For more guidelines, refer to Polaris' Option List best practices.

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