App APIs

View and manage an online store's apps.

In this section

  • App — A Shopify application.

  • AppFeedback — Reports the status of shops and their resources and displays this information within Shopify admin. AppFeedback is used to notify merchants about steps they need to take to set up an app on their store.

  • AppInstallation — Represents an installed application on a shop.

  • AppInstallationCategory — Possible categories of an app installation.

  • AppInstallationPrivacy — Possible privacy types of an app installation.

  • AppInstallationSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the AppInstallation query.

  • AppPublicCategory — The public-facing category for an app.

  • FailedRequirement — Requirements that must be met before an app can be installed.

  • Link — A link to direct users to.

  • Publication — A publication is a group of products and collections that is published to an app.

  • ResourceFeedback — Represents feedback from apps about a resource, and the steps required to set up the apps on the shop.

  • ResourceFeedbackState — The state of the resource feedback.