App object

Version unstable

A Shopify application.


  • apiKey (String!)

    A unique application API identifier.

  • appStoreAppUrl (URL)

    App store page URL of the app.

  • appStoreDeveloperUrl (URL)

    App store page URL of the developer who created the app.

  • description (String)

    Description of the app.

  • developerName (String)

    App's developer name.

  • embedded (Boolean!)

    Whether the app uses the Embedded App SDK.

  • failedRequirements ([FailedRequirement!]!)

    Requirements that must be met before the app can be installed.

  • features ([String!]!)

    List of app features.

  • feedback (AppFeedback)

    Feedback from this app about the store.

  • handle (String)

    Handle of the app.

  • icon (Image!)

    Icon that represents the app.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • installUrl (URL)

    Webpage where you can install the app.

  • installation (AppInstallation)

    Corresponding AppInstallation for this shop and App. Returns null if the App is not installed.

  • isPostPurchaseAppInUse (Boolean!)

    Whether the app is the post purchase app in use.

  • previouslyInstalled (Boolean!)

    Whether the app was previously installed on the current shop.

  • pricingDetails (String)

    Detailed information about the app pricing.

  • pricingDetailsSummary (String!)

    Summary of the app pricing details.