AppRevenueAttributionRecord object

Version unstable

Represents app revenue that was captured externally by the partner.

Required access

Access allowed for apps with app_attributions scope using offline tokens only. This API is under a private program and is not available to all partners.


  • amount (MoneyV2!)

    The financial amount captured in this attribution.

  • capturedAt (DateTime!)

    The timestamp when the financial amount was captured.

  • createdAt (DateTime!)

    The timestamp at which this revenue attribution was issued.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • idempotencyKey (String!)

    The unique value submitted during the creation of the app revenue attribution record. For more information, refer to Idempotent requests.

  • test (Boolean!)

    Indicates whether this is a test submission.

  • The type of revenue attribution.

Types that return AppRevenueAttributionRecord

Mutations for AppRevenueAttributionRecord


Version unstable

An auto-generated type for paginating through multiple AppRevenueAttributionRecords.


Types that return AppRevenueAttributionRecord