AppSubscription object

Version unstable

Provides users access to services and/or features for a duration of time.


  • createdAt (DateTime!)

    The date and time when the app subscription was created.

  • currentPeriodEnd (DateTime)

    The date and time when the current app subscription period ends.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • Attaches a plan to an app subscription.

  • name (String!)

    The name of the app subscription.

  • returnUrl (URL!)

    The URL where the merchant is redirected after approving the app subscription.

  • The status of the app subscription. Possible values include pending, active, declined, expired, frozen, and cancelled.

  • test (Boolean!)

    Specifies whether the app subscription is a test transaction.

  • trialDays (Int!)

    The number of days of the free trial.

Types that return AppSubscription

Mutations for AppSubscription