MarketingActivity object

Version unstable

A marketing activity represents marketing created by an app on behalf of the merchant.

Required access

read_marketing_events access scope.


  • activityListUrl (URL)

    The url of the activity listing page of this marketing activity in the marketing section.

  • adSpend (MoneyV2)

    Amount spent on this marketing activity.

  • adminEditUrl (URL!)

    The admin url used to edit this activity.

  • app (App!)

    The app which created this marketing activity.

  • Errors generated when app was trying to complete this activity.

  • automationStepType (String)

    The step type of a marketing automation activity.

  • automationTriggerDescription (String)

    The trigger description for the automation step.

  • budget (MarketingBudget)

    The budget for this marketing activity.

  • createdAt (DateTime!)

    The date and time when the marketing activity was created.

  • errorOccurredAt (DateTime)

    The time at which the most recent error occurred, which is set by the app.

  • flowEditorUrl (URL)

    The flow editor url if this activity belongs to an automation.

  • formData (String)

    The form data of the marketing activity.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • marketingChannel (MarketingChannel!)

    The broad category of marketing, used for reporting aggregation.

  • marketingEvent (MarketingEvent)

    Associated marketing event of this marketing activity.

  • scheduledToEndAt (DateTime)

    The scheduled end time of the activity, which is set by the app.