MarketingActivityUpdateInput input object

Version unstable

Specifies the input fields required to update a marketing activity.

Input fields

  • adSpend (MoneyInput)

    The cumulative amount spent on this marketing activity. This argument is deprecated: Use MarketingEngagementCreate.MarketingEngagementInput.adSpend GraphQL to send the ad spend.

  • The budget for this marketing activity.

  • context (String)

    Encoded context provided by Shopify during the update marketing activity callback. This argument is deprecated: This context is no longer needed by Shopify in the callback.

  • errorOccurredAt (DateTime)

    The time at which the most recent error occurred.

  • errors (JSON)

    Error messages generated when app was trying to complete this activity.

  • eventContext (String)

    The event context of the marketing activity.

  • formData (String)

    The form data of the marketing activity.

  • id (ID!) Required

    The id for this marketing activity.

  • marketedResources ([ID!])

    A list of the items that were marketed in this marketing activity. Valid types for these items are:

    • Product
    • Shop (Must be your current shop).
  • marketingRecommendationId (ID)

    The ID of the recommendation this marketing activity was created from, if one exists.

  • scheduledToEndAt (DateTime)

    The time at which the activity is scheduled to end.

  • scheduledToStartAt (DateTime)

    The time at which the activity is scheduled to start.

  • The current state of the marketing activity.

  • targetStatus (MarketingActivityStatus)

    The target state of the marketing activity.

  • title (String)

    The title of this marketing activity.

  • trackingOpens (Boolean)

    Whether or not the marketing activity is tracking opens.

  • useExternalEditor (Boolean)

    Whether or not to point to the external editor.

  • utm (UTMInput)

    Specifies the Urchin Traffic Module (UTM) parameters that are associated with a related marketing campaign. UTMInput is required for all Marketing tactics except Storefront App. This