CalculatedDraftOrderLineItem object

Version unstable

The computed line items for a draft order.

Required access

read_draft_orders access scope.


  • appliedDiscount (DraftOrderAppliedDiscount)

    Discount applied to the line item.

  • custom (Boolean!)

    Indicates if this is a product variant line item, or a custom line item.

  • customAttributes ([Attribute!]!)

    List of additional information about the line item.

  • discountedTotal (MoneyV2!)

    Total price with discounts applied.

  • discountedUnitPrice (MoneyV2!)

    Unit price with discounts applied.

  • fulfillmentService (FulfillmentService!)

    Name of the service provider who fulfilled the order.

    Valid values are either manual or the name of the provider. For example, amazon, shipwire.

  • image (Image)

    Image associated with the draft order line item.

  • isGiftCard (Boolean!)

    Indicates whether the line item represents the puchase of a gift card.

  • name (String!)

    Name of the product.

  • originalTotal (MoneyV2!)

    Total price (without discounts) of the line item, based on the original unit price of the variant x quantity.

  • originalUnitPrice (MoneyV2!)

    Variant price without any discounts applied.

  • product (Product)

    Product associated with the draft order line item.

  • quantity (Int!)

    Number of variant items requested in the draft order.

  • requiresShipping (Boolean!)

    Whether physical shipping is required for the variant.

  • sku (String)

    Variant SKU number.

  • taxable (Boolean!)

    Whether the variant is taxable.

  • title (String!)

    Title of the product or variant (this field only applies to custom line items).