CalculatedLineItem object

Version unstable

A line item involved in order editing that may be newly added or have new changes applied.

Required access

read_order_edits access scope.


  • calculatedDiscountAllocations ([CalculatedDiscountAllocation!]!)

    The discounts that have been allocated onto the line item by discount applications.

  • customAttributes ([Attribute!]!)

    List of additional information about the line item.

  • discountedUnitPriceSet (MoneyBag!)

    The total line price after discounts are applied in shop and presentment currencies.

  • editableQuantity (Int!)

    The total number of items that can be edited.

  • editableQuantityBeforeChanges (Int!)

    The editable quantity prior to any changes made in the current edit.

  • editableSubtotalSet (MoneyBag!)

    The total price of editable lines in shop and presentment currencies.

  • hasStagedLineItemDiscount (Boolean!)

    Whether the calculated line item has a staged discount.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • image (Image)

    The Image object associated to the line item's variant.

  • originalUnitPriceSet (MoneyBag!)

    Variant price without any discounts applied in shop and presentment currencies.

  • quantity (Int!)

    The total number of items.

  • restockable (Boolean!)

    Whether the line