DraftOrderLineItem object

Version unstable

Represents a line item included in a draft order.

Required access

read_draft_orders access scope.


  • appliedDiscount (DraftOrderAppliedDiscount)

    Discount which will be applied to the line item or the overall order.

  • custom (Boolean!)

    Whether this is a product variant line item, or a custom line item. If set to true indicates a custom line item. If set to false indicates a product variant line item.

  • customAttributes ([Attribute!]!)

    List of additional information about the line item.

  • discountedTotal (Money!)

    Line item price after discounts are applied.

  • discountedUnitPrice (Money!)

    The discountedTotal divided by quantity, resulting in the value of the discount per unit.

  • fulfillmentService (FulfillmentService!)

    Name of the service provider who fulfilled the order.

    Valid values are either manual or the name of the provider. For example, amazon, shipwire.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • image (Image)

    Image associated with the draft order line item.

    Argument Description
    crop ( CropRegion )

    Crops the image according to the specified region. This argument is deprecated: Use crop on Image.transformedSrc instead.

    maxHeight ( Int )

    Image height in pixels between 1 and 2048. This argument is deprecated: Use maxHeight on Image.transformedSrc instead.

    maxWidth ( Int )

    Image width in pixels between 1 and 2048. This argument is deprecated: Use maxWidth on Image.transformedSrc instead.

    scale ( Int )

    Image size multiplier for high-resolution retina displays. Must be between 1 and 3. This argument is deprecated: Use scale on Image.transformedSrc instead.
    Default value: 1

  • isGiftCard (Boolean!)

    Whether the line item represents the puchase of a gift card.

  • name (String!)

    Name of the product.

  • originalTotal (Money!)

    Total price (without