LineItem object

Version unstable

Represents a single line in a shopping cart.

Required access

read_orders access scope.


  • The subscription contract associated with this line item.

  • currentQuantity (Int!)

    The line item's quantity minus the removed quantity.

  • customAttributes ([Attribute!]!)

    List of additional information about the line item.

  • discountAllocations ([DiscountAllocation!]!)

    The discounts that have been allocated onto the line item by discount applications.

  • discountedTotalSet (MoneyBag!)

    The total line price after discounts are applied in shop and presentment currencies.

  • discountedUnitPriceSet (MoneyBag!)

    The price of a single variant unit after line item discounts are applied in shop and presentment currencies.

  • duties ([Duty!]!)

    The duties associated with the line item.

  • fulfillableQuantity (Int!)

    The total number of units to fulfill.

  • fulfillmentService (FulfillmentService!)

    Name of the service provider who fulfilled the order.

    Valid values are either manual or the name of the provider. For example, amazon, shipwire.

  • fulfillmentStatus (String!)

    The line item's fulfillment status. Returns 'fulfilled' if fulfillableQuantity >= quantity, 'partial' if fulfillableQuantity > 0, and 'unfulfilled' otherwise.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • image (Image)

    The Image object assoc