ShippingLine object

Version unstable

Represents the shipping details that the customer chose for their order.


  • carrierIdentifier (String)

    A reference to the carrier service that provided the rate. Present when the rate was computed by a third-party carrier service.

  • code (String)

    A reference to the shipping method.

  • custom (Boolean!)

    Whether the shipping line is custom or not.

  • deliveryCategory (String)

    The general classification of the delivery method.

  • discountAllocations ([DiscountAllocation!]!)

    The discounts that have been allocated to the shipping line.

  • discountedPriceSet (MoneyBag!)

    The pre-tax shipping price with discounts applied.

  • id (ID)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • originalPriceSet (MoneyBag!)

    The pre-tax shipping price without any discounts applied.

  • phone (String)

    The phone number at the shipping address.

  • requestedFulfillmentService (FulfillmentService)

    The fulfillment service requested for the shipping method. Present if the shipping method requires processing by a third party fulfillment service.

  • shippingRateHandle (String)

    A unique identifier for the shipping rate. The format can change without notice and is not meant to be shown to users.

  • source (String)

    Returns the rate source for the shipping line.

  • taxLines ([TaxLine!]!)

    The TaxLine objects connected to this shipping line.

  • title (String!)

    Returns the title of the shipping line.

Types that return ShippingLine

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