SubscriptionBillingAttempt object

Version unstable

Record of an execution of the subscription billing schedule.

Required access

read_own_subscription_contracts access scope.


  • completedAt (DateTime)

    The date and time when the billing attempt was completed.

  • createdAt (DateTime!)

    The date and time when the billing attempt was created.

  • A code corresponding to a payment error during processing.

  • errorMessage (String)

    A message describing a payment error during processing.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • idempotencyKey (String!)

    A unique key generated by the client to avoid duplicate payments.

  • nextActionUrl (URL)

    The URL where the customer needs to be redirected so they can complete the 3D Secure payment flow.

  • order (Order)

    The result of this billing attempt if completed successfully.

  • ready (Boolean!)

    Whether or not the billing attempt is still processing.

  • subscriptionContract (SubscriptionContract!)

    The subscription contract.

Types that return SubscriptionBillingAttempt

Mutations for SubscriptionBillingAttempt


Version unstable

An auto-generated type for paginating through multiple SubscriptionBillingAttempts.