SubscriptionMailingAddress object

Version unstable

Represents a Mailing Address on a Subscription.

Required access

Requires read_own_subscription_contracts or write_own_subscription_contracts scope.


  • address1 (String)

    The first line of the address. Typically the street address or PO Box number.

  • address2 (String)

    The second line of the address. Typically the number of the apartment, suite, or unit.

  • city (String)

    The name of the city, district, village, or town.

  • company (String)

    The name of the customer's company or organization.

  • country (String)

    The name of the country.

  • countryCode (CountryCode)

    The two-letter code for the country of the address.

    For example, US.

  • firstName (String)

    The first name of the customer.

  • lastName (String)

    The last name of the customer.

  • name (String)

    The full name of the customer, based on firstName and lastName.

  • phone (String)

    A unique phone number for the customer. Formatted using E.164 standard. For example, +16135551111.

  • province (String)

    The region of the address, such as the province, state, or district.

  • provinceCode (String)

    The two-letter code for the region.

    For example, ON.

  • zip (String)

    The zip or postal code of the address.