SuggestedOrderTransaction object

Version unstable

Represents a suggested transaction.

Required access

read_orders access scope.


  • accountNumber (String)

    The masked account number associated with the payment method.

  • amountSet (MoneyBag!)

    The amount on the order transaction in applicable currencies.

  • formattedGateway (String)

    The human-readable payment gateway name used to process the transaction.

  • gateway (String)

    The payment gateway used to process the transaction.

  • Specifies the kind of the suggested order transaction.

  • maximumRefundableSet (MoneyBag)

    Specifies the available amount to refund on the gateway in shop and presentment currencies. Only available within SuggestedRefund.

  • parentTransaction (OrderTransaction)

    The associated parent transaction, for example the authorization of a capture.

  • supportedRefundType (TransactionSupportedRefundType!)

    The types of refunds that the transaction supports. For example, if it's a CARD_PRESENT_REFUND type, then the transaction requires chip data from reading a physical card using a card reader to be refunded. Only available within SuggestedRefund.

Types that return SuggestedOrderTransaction

Deprecated fields

  • amount (Money!) deprecated

    The amount of the transaction.

    Deprecation warning

    Use amountSet instead

  • maximumRefundable (Money) deprecated