PriceList object

Version unstable

Represents a price list, including information about related prices and eligibility rules. You can use price lists to specify either fixed prices or adjusted relative prices that override initial product variant prices. Price lists are applied to customers using context rules, which determine price list eligibility.

For more information on price lists, refer to Support different pricing models using the price list API.

Required access

read_products access scope.


  • A list of prices associated with the price list.

    Argument Description
    after ( String )

    Returns the elements that come after the specified cursor.

    before ( String )

    Returns the elements that come before the specified cursor.

    first ( Int )

    Returns up to the first n elements from the list.

    last ( Int )

    Returns up to the last n elements from the list.

    originType ( PriceListPriceOriginType )

    The origin of this price, either fixed (defined on the price list) or relative (calculated using an adjustment via a price list parent configuration).

    reverse ( Boolean )

    Reverse the order of the underlying list.
    Default value: false


  • contextRule (PriceListContextRule)

    A set of facts about the customer, used to determine price list eligibility.