fulfillmentOrderSubmitFulfillmentRequest mutation

Version unstable

Sends a fulfillment request to the fulfillment service of a fulfillment order.

Required access

write_third_party_fulfillment_orders access scope.

Interactive example

This is an example mutation query. Use the embedded interactive tool below to edit the query.

Hint: use Ctrl + Space for autocompleting fields.


Argument Description
fulfillmentOrderLineItems ( [FulfillmentOrderLineItemInput!] )

The fulfillment order line items to be requested for fulfillment. If left blank, all line items of the fulfillment order are requested for fulfillment.

id ( ID! ) required

The ID of the fulfillment order associated with fulfillment request.

message ( String )

An optional message for the fulfillment request.

notifyCustomer ( Boolean )

Whether the customer should be notified when fulfillments are created for this fulfillment order.

shippingMethod ( String )

A reference to the ShippingMethod code, such as FREE_SHIPPING.

FulfillmentOrderLineItemInput fields

  • id (ID!) Required

    The ID of the fulfillment order line item.

  • quantity (Int!) Required

    The quantity of the fulfillment order line item.

Return fields

  • originalFulfillmentOrder (FulfillmentOrder)

    The original fulfillment order intended to request fulfillment for.

  • submittedFulfillmentOrder (FulfillmentOrder)

    The fulfillment order that was submitted to the fulfillment service. This will be the same as the original fulfillment order field. The exception to this is partial fulfillment requests or fulfillment request for cancelled or incomplete fulfillment orders.

  • unsubmittedFulfillmentOrder (FulfillmentOrder)

    This field will only be present for partial fulfillment requests. This will represent the new fulfillment order with the remaining line items not submitted to the fulfillment service.

  • userErrors ([UserError!]!)

    List of errors that occur