FulfillmentService object

Version unstable

Represents a fulfillment service. A fulfillment service is a third-party service that prepares and ships orders on behalf of the store owner.


  • callbackUrl (URL)

    The callback URL the fulfillment service has registered for requests.

  • fulfillmentOrdersOptIn (Boolean!)

    Whether the fulfillment service has opted into fulfillment order based requests.

  • handle (String!)

    Human-readable unique identifier for this fulfillment service.

  • id (ID!)

    The ID of the fulfillment service.

  • inventoryManagement (Boolean!)

    Whether the fulfillment service tracks product inventory and provides updates to Shopify.

  • location (Location)

    Location associated with the fulfillment service.

  • productBased (Boolean!)

    Whether the fulfillment service supports local deliveries.

  • serviceName (String!)

    The name of the fulfillment service as seen by merchants.

  • shippingMethods ([ShippingMethod!]!)

    Shipping methods associated with the fulfillment service provider.

  • Type associated with the fulfillment service.

Types that return FulfillmentService

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