ShopifyPaymentsDispute object

Version unstable

A dispute occurs when a buyer questions the legitimacy of a charge with their financial institution.

Required access

read_orders access scope.


  • amount (MoneyV2!)

    The total amount disputed by the cardholder.

  • evidenceDueBy (Date)

    The deadline for evidence submission.

  • evidenceSentOn (Date)

    The date when evidence was sent. Returns null if evidence has not yet been sent.

  • finalizedOn (Date)

    The date when this dispute was resolved. Returns null if the dispute is not yet resolved.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • initiatedAt (DateTime!)

    The date when this dispute was initiated.

  • legacyResourceId (UnsignedInt64!)

    The ID of the corresponding resource in the REST Admin API.

  • order (Order)

    The order that contains the charge that is under dispute.

  • The reason of the dispute.

  • status (DisputeStatus!)

    The current state of the dispute.

  • type (DisputeType!)

    Indicates if this dispute is still in the inquiry phase or has turned into a chargeback.

Types that return ShopifyPaymentsDispute


Version unstable

An auto-generated type for paginating through multiple ShopifyPaymentsDisputes.