Version 2019-10

A location represents a geographical location where your stores, pop-up stores, headquarters, and warehouses exist. You can use the Location resource to track sales, manage inventory, and configure the tax rates to apply at checkout.

What you can do with Location

The Shopify API lets you do the following with the Location resource. More detailed versions of these general actions may be available:

Location properties

"active": true

Whether the location is active. If true, then the location can be used to sell products, stock inventory, and fulfill orders. Merchants can deactivate locations from the Shopify admin. Deactivated locations don't contribute to the shop's location limit.

"address1": "126 york street"

The first line of the address.

"address2": "second and third floor"

The second line of the address.

"city": "ottawa"

The city the location is in.

"country": "CA"

The country the location is in.

"country_code": "CA"

The two-letter code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format) corresponding to country the location is in.

"created_at": "2008-12-31T19:00:00-05:00"

The date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the location was created.