Version 2019-10

In addition to an online storefront, Shopify stores come with a tool for creating basic HTML web pages. Store owners can create any number of pages to hold static content, such as an About us page, a Contact us page, or a page with customer testimonials.

These web pages are represented by the Page resource, and their HTML content is contained in the value of the body_html property. The Page resource lets you retrieve, create, update, and delete web pages for a store.

Pages are meant to be used for long-term, static content that rarely changes. For creating content on a regular basis, use the Blog resource instead.

What you can do with Page

The Shopify API lets you do the following with the Page resource. More detailed versions of these general actions may be available:

Page properties

"author": "Lydia"

The name of the person who created the page.

"body_html": "Contact us at <a href=\\"\\"></a>."

The text content of the page, complete with HTML markup.

"created_at": "2008-07-15T20:00:00-04:00"

The date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the page was created.

"handle": "contact-us"

A unique, human-friendly string for the page, generated automatically from its title. In online store themes, the Liquid templating language refers to a page by its handle.

"id": 131092082

The unique numeric identifier for the page.

"metafield": {
  "key": "new",
  "value": "new value",
  "value_type": "string",
  "namespace": "global"

Additional information attached to the Page object. It has the following properti