Version 2019-10

An order is a customer's request to purchase one or more products from a shop. You can create, retrieve, update, and delete orders using the Order resource.

Usage notes

  • When you create an order through the API, no payment information is collected, and no transaction is performed.
  • After an order is created, you can change only a few of its attributes using the API. You can't change the items or the quantities in an order using the REST API, but you can change them using the GraphQL Admin API.
  • You can add metafields to the Order resource.
  • You can allow merchants to create orders manually by using the DraftOrder resource.


You can't use the Order resource to create a new checkout for an individual store. To create a checkout, you need to use the Checkout API or an SDK powered by the Storefront API, such as the JavaScript Buy SDK, iOS Buy SDK, or Android Buy SDK.


Only the last 60 days' worth of orders from a store are accessible from the Order resource by default. If you want to access older orders, then you need to request access to all orders. If your app is granted access, then you can add the read_all_orders scope to your app along with read_orders or write_orders. Private apps are not affected by this change and are automatically granted the scope.

What you can do with Order

The Shopify API lets you do the following with the Order resource. More detailed versions of these general actions may be available:

Order properties

"app_id": 1966818

The ID of the app that created the order.

"billing_address": {
  "address1": "2259 Park Ct",
  "address2": "Apartment 5",