Gift Card

Version 2019-10

Shopify Plus

The Gift Card resource is available for private apps installed on Shopify Plus stores. As of API version 2021-04, the Gift Card resource is also available for custom apps installed on Shopify Plus stores.

Your app must request the write_gift_cards and read_gift_cards access scopes. Merchants that want to sell or issue gift cards also need to activate the gift card feature in the Shopify admin.

A gift card is an alternative payment method. Each gift card has a unique code that is entered during checkout. Its balance can be redeemed over multiple checkouts. Optionally, a gift card can assigned to a specific customer. Gift card codes cannot be retrieved after they're created—only the last four characters can be retrieved.

You can use the GiftCard resource to create, retrieve, and update gift cards for a store. After a gift card is created, only the expiry date, note, and template suffix can be updated.


You can't delete gift cards, but you can disable them. You can't enable gift cards