Product Variant

Version 2019-10


Apps can no longer set inventory using inventory_quantity or inventory_quantity_adjustment. For more information, see Updating inventory.

A variant can be added to a Product resource to represent one version of a product with several options. The Product resource will have a variant for every possible combination of its options. Each product can have a maximum of three options and a maximum of 100 variants.

What you can do with Product Variant

The Shopify API lets you do the following with the Product Variant resource. More detailed versions of these general actions may be available:

Product Variant properties

"barcode": "1234_pink"

The barcode, UPC, or ISBN number for the product.

"compare_at_price": "299.00"

The original price of the item before an adjustment or a sale.

"created_at": "2012-08-24T14:01:47-04:00"

The date and time (