Version 2019-10

Sales Channel SDK

The ProductListing resource is available to Sales Channel SDK applications only.

A ProductListing resource represents a Product which is available to your sales channel. Merchants can make products available to your sales channel directly from their Shopify admin.

You can use this resource to retrieve products that a merchant has published and display them to customers in your marketplace for sale.

A ProductListing resource itself is unable to have its attributes modified directly. The attributes of a ProductListing are inherited from the Product resource to which it is associated. Therefore, all attributes of a ProductListing should be considered read-only.

A product can have one of the following statuses: active, draft, or archived. Draft and archived are considered non-active statuses. If you create a listing for a non-active product, then the product won't be published immediately. You must change the product status to active to make the product available on a sales channel.

If the product is sold exclusively on subscription, then you can create a listing for the product only on an online store.

What you can do with ProductListing

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