Shipping and fulfillment APIs

Show custom shipping rates at checkout, or register your app as a store's fulfillment service and then manage its fulfillments.

View an open sourced Fulfillment Integration App that demonstrates how to use the Fulfillment API.

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  • AssignedFulfillmentOrder — View the fulfillment orders of a shop that are assigned to your app.

  • CancellationRequest — Manage the cancellation request flow of fulfillment orders assigned to fulfillment services.

  • CarrierService — Provide real-time shipping calculations before checkout with your custom shipping service.

  • Fulfillment — Manage the fulfillment of an order's line items. Create a fulfillment for each shipment, provide tracking information, and notify the customer that their items have shipped.

  • FulfillmentEvent — Create fulfillment events for an order's fulfillments. The fulfillment events are displayed on the order status page so the customer can track the progress of their delivery.

  • FulfillmentOrder — Manage an item or a group of items in an order that are to be fulfilled from the same location. Retrieve and cancel fulfillment orders, mark fulfillment orders as incomplete, or move fulfillment orders to a new location.

  • FulfillmentRequest — Manage the fulfillment request flow of fulfillment orders assigned to fulfillment services.

  • FulfillmentService — Register a fulfillment service with a store. The merchant can then set it as the fulfillment service for their products, and your service can manage the fulfillment of those products using the Fulfillment and FulfillmentEvent APIs.

  • LocationsForMove — View the locations that a fulfillment order can potentially move to.

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