Shopify Payments APIs

The Shopify Payments API lets you access information about a merchant's Shopify Payments account using the following resources:

  • Balance — View the current balance for a Shopify Payments account

  • Dispute — Get information regarding Shopify Payments disputes.

  • Payouts — Get information regarding Shopify Payments payouts.

  • Transactions — Get information regarding Shopify Payments balance transactions.

Versioning of the Shopify Payments API

The REST APIs offer schema versioning through a MIME type in the Accept header of a request. The initial type is application/vnd.shopifypayments.v1+json. By default, all JSON requests receive the most recent version of the API. The client should specify the required version in the Accept header.

A new version will be introduced only for non-backwards compatible changes. For example, adding new properties is considered backwards compatible and will not introduce a new version.

Pagination of Shopify Payments API responses

Requests that return a collection of items is paginated. Every collection response includes a Link header that contains one or more hypermedia link relations for traversing pages. It's recommended that clients use these provided URLs for traversing collections and do not construct their own, since the parameters are subject to change.

The rel property can have the following values:

  • next: The link relation for the immediate next page of results.
  • prev: The link relation for the immediate previous page of results.