Version 2019-10
Disputes occur when a buyer questions the legitimacy of a charge with their financial institution.

What you can do with Dispute

The Shopify API lets you do the following with the Dispute resource. More detailed versions of these general actions may be available:

Dispute properties

"id": 54534554564

The ID of the dispute.

"order_id": 450789469

The ID of the order that the dispute belongs to.

"type": "inquiry"

Whether the dispute is still in the inquiry phase or has turned into a chargeback. Valid values:

  • inquiry: The dispute is in the inquiry phase.
  • chargeback: The dispute has turned into a chargeback.

"currency": "USD"

The ISO 4217 currency code of the dispute amount.

"amount": "102.53"

The total amount disputed by the cardholder.

"reason": "fraudulent"

The reason of the dispute provided by the cardholder's bank. Valid values:

  • bank_not_process: The customer's bank cannot process the charge.
  • credit_not_processed: The customer claims that the purchased product was returned or the transaction was otherwise canceled, but the merchant have not yet provided a refund or credit.
  • customer_initiated: The customer initiated the dispute, so the merchant should contact the customer for additional details to find out why the payment was disputed.
  • debit_not_authorized: The customer's bank cannot proceed with the debit since it has not been authorized.
  • duplicate: The customer claims they were charged multiple times for the same product or service.
  • fraudulent: The cardholder claims that they didn't authorize the payment.
  • general: The dispute is uncategorized, so the merchant should contact the customer for additional details to find out why the payment was disputed.
  • incorrect_account_details: The customer account associated with the purchase is incorrect.
  • insufficient_funds: The customer's bank account has insufficient funds.
  • product_not_received: The customer claims they did not receive the products or services purchased.
  • product_unacceptable: The product or service was received but was defective, damaged, or not as described.
  • subscription_canceled: The customer claims that the merchant continued to charge them after a subscription was canceled.
  • unrecognized: The customer doesn't recognize the payment appearing on their card statement.