Version 2019-10

The Country resource represents the tax rates applied to orders from the different countries where a shop sells its products.

Merchants select the countries where they sell their products when they set up their shipping zones and rates on the Shipping page of the Shopify admin. After adding a country to a shipping zone, store owners can then verify and adjust tax rates for each country on the Taxes page.

The Country resource lets you access the countries and tax rates set up by the merchant. The countries list includes a default entry called Rest of World, which represents all non-specified countries.

You can use the Country resource to modify the sales tax rate for a country or sub-region to account for surtaxes or exemptions that apply to the store.

For more information on managing tax rates for sub-regions of a country, such as states or provinces, see the Province resource.


As of version 2020-10, you can no longer create or update custom tax values for the Country resource.

What you can do with Country

The Shopify API lets