Version 2019-10
You can use the ShippingZone resource to view shipping zones and their countries, provinces, and shipping rates. A shipping zone belongs to a delivery profile, which provides shops with the ability to create shipping rates per product variant and per location. For example, the merchant might want to use a shipping rate that applies only to fragile products. When querying the ShippingZone resource, each shipping zone is returned with its corresponding profile ID, location group ID, and countries. Its possible for the same country to exist in multiple shipping zones, if the shipping zones with overlapping countries have different delivery profiles.

What you can do with ShippingZone

The Shopify API lets you do the following with the ShippingZone resource. More detailed versions of these general actions may be available:

ShippingZone properties

"id": 132

The unique numeric identifier for the shipping zone.

"name": "North America"

The name of the shipping zone, specified by the user.

"profile_id": 163945

The ID of the shipping zone's delivery profile. Shipping profiles allow merchants to create product-based or location-based shipping rates.

"location_group_id": 32873

The ID of the shipping zone's location group. Location groups allow merchants to create shipping rates that apply only to the specific locations in the group.

"countries": {
  "id": 189,
  "shipping_zone_id": 132,
  "name": "Canada",
  "tax": 0.5,
  "code": "CA",
  "tax_name": "GST",
  "provinces": []

A list of countries that belong to the shipping zone.

  • id: The unique numeric identifier for the country.
  • code: The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 two-letter country code for the country. The code for a given country will be the same as the code for the same country in another shop.
  • shipping_zone_id: The unique numeric identifier for the shipping zone.
  • name: The full name of the country, in English.
  • tax: The tax value in decimal format.
  • tax_name: The name of the tax as it is referred to in the applicable province/state. For example, in Ontario, Canada the tax is referred to as HST.

"provinces": {