Shopify Ajax API

The Ajax API provides a suite of lightweight REST API endpoints for development of Shopify themes.

Use cases

Possible uses of the Ajax API include:

  • Add products to the cart and update the cart item counter.
  • Display related product recommendations.
  • Suggest products and collections to visitors as they type in a search field.

See the Ajax API reference for a full list of available API endpoints.

Making requests to the API

The Ajax API accepts two types of HTTP requests:

  • GET requests to read cart and some product data
  • POST requests to update the cart for the current session

For instance, to fetch the current contents of the cart, send a client-side request to the store’s /cart.js endpoint.

Requirements and limitations

  • This is an unauthenticated API. It doesn’t require access tokens or API keys to access.
  • There are no hard rate limits on the Ajax API. It’s still subject to Shopify’s standard API abuse-prevention measures.
  • All API responses return JSON-formatted data.
  • The Ajax API can’t be used to read any customer or order data, or update any store data. If you need more extensive access, check the Admin API.