Link is used to navigate the buyer to another page.




optional = ?

Name Type Description
to? string Destination to navigate to. You must provide either this property, onPress, or both.
external? boolean Open the link in a new window or tab
id? string Unique identifier. Typically used as a target for another component’s controls to associate an accessible label with an action.
onPress? () => void Callback when pressed. If to is provided, it will execute the callback and then navigate to the location specified by to.

Best practices

  • If the link isn’t in a paragraph, consider using a plain button instead to get a larger hit area.
  • Use links primarily for navigation and button primarily for actions.
  • The HTML that renders for the Button and Link components carries meaning. Using these components intentionally and consistently results in a more inclusive experience for assistive technology users and a more cohesive visual experience for sighted users.
  • Button: Buttons are used for actions, such as “Add”, “Continue”, or “Pay now”, or “Save”.
  • ButtonGroup: A button group controls the layout for two or more stacked buttons such as “Continue” and “Return to cart”, and adds the necessary spacing between them.