Selects let buyers choose one option from an options menu. Consider select when you have 4 or more options, to avoid cluttering the interface.




optional = ?

Name Type Description
id? string A unique identifier for the field. When no id is provided, a globally unique value will be used instead.
label string Content to use as the field label.
name? string An identifier for the field that is unique within the nearest containing <Form /> component.
value? string The active option for the select. This should match to one of the value properties in the options prop. When not provided, the value will default to an empty string, which will show the placeholder text as the "selected value".
options Option[] The options a buyer can select from.
required? boolean Whether the field needs a value. This requirement adds semantic value to the field, but it will not cause an error to appear automatically. If you want to present an error when this field is empty, you can do so with the error prop.
disabled? boolean Whether the select can be changed.
error? string An error label to present with the field.
autocomplete? Autocomplete | boolean A hint as to the intended content of the field.

When set to true, this property indicates that the field should support autofill, but you do not have any more semantic information on the intended contents.

When set to false, you are indicating that this field contains sensitive information, or contents that are never saved, like one-time codes. Note that it is impossible to prevent autocomplete in some browsers, so do not depend on its absence.

Alternatively, you can provide an Autocomplete object, which describes the specific data you would like to be entered into this field during autocomplete.
placeholder? string The text displayed in the select when no value is provided.
onChange? (value: string) => void A callback that is run whenever the selected option changes. This callback is called with the string value of the selected option. This component is controlled, so you must store this value in state and reflect it back in the value prop of the select.


A descriptor for selecting the data a field would like to receive during autocomplete. This attribute is modeled off of a limited set of the autocomplete values supported in browsers.

Name Type Description
group? "shipping" | "billing" The contact information “group” the autocomplete data should be sourced from.
field "name" | "honorific-prefix" | "given-name" | "additional-name" | "family-name" | "honorific-suffix" | "nickname" | "username" | "new-password" | &quo