Use statuses to identify, filter, and manage products

In the 2020-10 version release, the status field was added to the product resource in both the REST Admin API and the GraphQL Admin API.

This guide introduces the changes associated with product statuses and provides some example requests and responses. For a complete list of changes related to product statuses, refer to the 2020-10 release notes.

How it works

You can use the status field to identify, filter, and manage products based on their current product status: draft, active, or archived.

You can save new products as a draft and work on them iteratively until they’re complete and ready to be made available to selected sales channels with an active status. You can also archive products you're no longer selling to keep your product list organized and free of clutter, while retaining all product information.

Get the status of a product

Use the REST Admin API or GraphQL Admin API to query the status of a product. A product can have a status of draft, active, or archived.

Get products that have an active status

You can filter products by their status to return a subset of products from a shop. The following queries return products with an active status:

Create a new draft product

When you create a new product, you can specify its status. The following examples illustrate how to create a product that has a draft status:

Update a product's status

At any time, you can change the status of a product. The following examples show how to update a product's status to archived: