The useMoney hook takes a MoneyV2 object and returns a default-formatted string of the amount with the correct currency indicator, along with some of the parts provided by Intl.NumberFormat.

Example code

Return value

This hook returns an object with the following keys:

Key Description
localizedString A string returned by new Intl.NumberFormat for the amount and currency code, using the shopify.config.js locale.
currencyCode The currency code from the MoneyV2 object.
currencyName The name for the currency code, returned by Intl.NumberFormat.
currencySymbol The currency symbol returned by Intl.NumberFormat.
currencyNarrowSymbol The currency narrow symbol returned by Intl.NumberFormat.
amount The localized amount, without any currency symbols or non-number types from the Intl.NumberFormat.formatToParts parts.
parts All parts returned by Intl.NumberFormat.formatToParts.
original The original MoneyV2 object passed as an argument.