Deprecated filters

The following Liquid filters are considered deprecated, and have been replaced. They are still used in some themes, but it's recommended that you use the alternatives that are listed below.

Color filters

The following color filters are now deprecated:


Theme settings return hexadecimal values for color settings by default. Use the hex_to_rgba filter to convert the value into RGBA. The default is an opacity of 1, however you can specify an opacity between 0 and 1. Shorthand hex values, like #812, are accepted as well.

HTML filters

The following HTML filters are now deprecated:


Generates a drop-down list that customers can use to select an accepted currency on your storefront. This filter must be used on the form object within a currency form.

URL filters

The following url filters are now deprecated:


Returns the collection image's URL. Accepts an image size as a parameter.


Generates the product image URL. Accepts an image size as a parameter.