Deprecated filters

The following Liquid filters are considered deprecated, and have been replaced. They are still used in some themes, but it's recommended that you use the alternatives that are listed below.

Color filters

The following color filters are now deprecated:


Theme settings return hexadecimal values for color settings by default. Use the hex_to_rgba filter to convert the value into RGBA. The default is an opacity of 1, however you can specify an opacity between 0 and 1. Shorthand hex values, like #812, are accepted as well.

HTML filters

The following HTML filters are now deprecated:


Generates a drop-down list that customers can use to select an accepted currency on your storefront. This filter must be used on the form object within a currency form.

URL filters

The following url filters are now deprecated:


Returns the collection image's URL. Accepts an image size as a parameter.


The img_tag filter accepts parameters to output an alt tag, class names, and a size parameter:

  • The first parameter is output as the alt text.
  • The second parameter is the css class, or classes to be applied to the tag.
  • The last parameter is the image size parameter.

The img_tag filter can also be used on the following objects:


Returns the URL of an image. Accepts image size parameters. You can use img_url on the following objects:

The img_url filter should be followed by the image size that you want to use. If you request a size smaller than your original image's dimensions, Shopify will scale the image for you.

If you don't include an image size, the filter returns a small (100x100) image.

You can also use img_url on the image or src attributes of an object.

img_url can't transform icon files (.ico). If you specify a size or format for an icon file, img_url will return the original file.

Size parameters

You can specify exact dimensions in pixels for an image's width and height, up to a maximum of 5760 x 5760 px. The image's original aspect ratio will be preserved unless you crop the image.

No matter what size you specify, an image can never be resized to be larger than its original dimensions.

For example:

You can specify only a width or only a height and Shopify will calculate the other dimension based on the original image size, keeping the original image's aspect ratio:

If you don't want the image resized, you can get the original image size:

Other image URL parameters


You can specify a crop parameter to make sure that the resulting image's dimensions match the requested dimensions. If the entire image won't fit in your requested dimensions, the crop parameter specifies what part of the image to show. Valid options are:

  • top
  • center
  • bottom
  • left
  • right

If you don't use crop, Shopify will use the largest image that fits in your specified dimensions, which might not take up the whole space.


The scale parameter lets you specify the pixel density of the image. Valid options are:

  • 2
  • 3


The format parameter lets you specify what file format to use for the displayed image. Valid options are:

  • jpg
  • pjpg

pjpg is progressive JPEG. A browser loads a full-sized progressive JPEG with gradually increasing quality, instead of loading the full-quality image from top to bottom like a traditional JPEG.


Generates the product image URL. Accepts an image size as a parameter.

Named size parameters

Instead of using a numeric image size, some older themes use a named size as a parameter for img_url.

Name Maximum image size
pico 16 x 16 pixels
icon 32 x 32 pixels
thumb 50 x 50 pixels
small 100 x 100 pixels
compact 160 x 160 pixels
medium 240 x 240 pixels
large 480 x 480 pixels
grande 600 x 600 pixels
original 1024 x 1024 pixels

Date formats

Date formats are used with certain filters, such as time_tag and date.

The following format parameters are now deprecated:

  • short
  • long