The gift_card object

The gift_card object can be accessed in the following templates:

  1. The Gift card created email notification template Email Notifications > Gift card created

  2. The gift_card.liquid template.

The gift_card variable has the following attributes:


Returns the amount of money remaining on the gift card.


Returns the code that was used to redeem the gift card.


Returns the currency that the card was issued in. This currency is the currency of the store.


Returns the customer variable of the customer that the gift card is assigned to.


Returns true if the card is enabled, or false if the card is disabled.


Returns true if the card is expired, or false if the card is not.


Returns the expiration date of the gift card


Returns the initial amount of money on the gift card. This amount is in the customer's local (presentment) currency.


Returns the last four characters of the code that was used to redeem the gift card.

Returns the line item properties assigned to the gift card when it was added to the cart.


Returns the product associated with the purchased gift card, or returns nothing if there is no associated product.


Returns the unique URL that links to the gift card's page on the shop (rendered through gift_card.liquid and displayed at the domain).