The line_item object

A line_item represents a single line in the shopping cart. There is one line item for each distinct product variant in the cart. The line_item object can be accessed in all Liquid templates via cart.items, in notification email templates via line_items, on the order status page of the checkout, as well as in apps such as Order Printer.

The line_item object has the following attributes:


Returns a list of all discount allocations containing the discounted amount and the reference to the parent discount application. line_item.discount_allocations is available on line items in carts, checkouts, orders, and draft orders.


Returns the combined price of all the items in the line item. This is equal to line_item.final_price times line_item.quantity.


Returns the price of the line item including all line level discount amounts.


Returns the fulfillment of the line item.


Returns the fulfillment service associated with the line item's variant. Line items that have no fulfillment service will return manual.


Returns true if the line item's product is a gift card, or false if it is not.


Returns the weight of the line item.

Use the