The payment_terms object

Payment terms are accessible on the order object. Deferring payment at order creation in the admin will create payment terms for the order.

The payment_terms object has the following attributes:

Returns a string that describes the payment terms to Buyers, such as Net 30.


Returns the type of payment term. The following are the possible types:

  • net: Order amount is due a set number of days from the issue date.
  • fixed: Order amount is due on a fixed date.
  • receipt: Order amount is due upon receipt of the invoice.


Returns an object representing the next payment due for the order.

If there's no upcoming payment due, all attributes of the object will return nil.


Returns the money amount due for the next payment.

Use the money filter to output a localized currency.


Returns a timestamp of when the next payment is due.

Use the date filter to customize the format of the output.