The request object

The request object returns information about the URL used to access your store and the page being accessed.


Whether the request is being made from the theme editor.

You can use request.design_mode to disable undesired behavior in the theme editor.

For example:

You can use to check which domain a customer is visiting from.

For example, if you have multiple domains, you can show a different greeting based on the request:


Returns the shop_locale of the current request.


Returns the path to the current page.


Returns the type of the current page. These are the different page types:

  • 404
  • article
  • blog
  • cart
  • collection
  • list-collections
  • customers/account
  • customers/activate_account
  • customers/addresses
  • customers/login
  • customers/order
  • customers/register
  • customers/reset_password
  • gift_card
  • index
  • page
  • password
  • product
  • search