The selling_plan object

The selling_plan object captures the intent of a selling plan applied on a line item.


Returns the selling plan's description.


The unique ID of the selling_plan_group that the selling plan belongs to.

The unique ID of the selling plan.

This value is used when submitting a selling_plan to the cart.

The selling plan's name.


An array of selling_plan_option objects that contain information about the selling plan's value for a particular selling_plan_group_option.

The selling plan group option’s name.


The index of the the option amongst all the selling_plan_group.options.


The value of the selling plan option.

This value is one of the selling_plan_group_option.values array items.


An array of selling_plan_price_adjustment objects. A selling_plan_price_adjustment describes how a selling plan changes the price of variants for a given period.

The maximum length of the array is 2. The array is empty when the selling plan doesn't create any price adjustments.

Each selling_plan_price_adjustment of the selling plan maps to a selling_plan_allocation_price_adjustment in the selling_plan_allocation array. The selling_plan.price_adjustments describes the intent of the selling plan, while selling_plan_allocation.price_adjustments contains the resulting money amounts.


The number of orders that this price adjustment applies to.

The value is nil when the price adjustment is applied either on an ongoing basis or for the rest of selling plan's duration.


The 1-based index of the price_adjustment in the selling_plan.price_adjustments array.


A float representing the value of price adjustment.

The value type of the price adjustment changes how this value is interpreted. For example, with a price_adjustment.value of 100.00:

  • If price_adjustment.value_type is 'percentage', then the price adjustment is 100%.
  • If price_adjustment.value_type is 'fixed_amount' or 'price', then the price adjustment is $100.00.


The type of the price adjustment.

Possible values:

  • percentage : Reducing selling price by a percentage amount.
  • fixed_amount : Reducing selling price by a dollar amount.
  • price : Setting a specific selling price for the variant.


Returns true when the selling plan includes multiple recurring deliveries.


Returns true if the selling plan's ID is identified by the selling_plan URL parameter.