The selling_plan_group object

A group of selling plans available for some or all of a product's variants. Selling plans in a group all share the same values.

A unique ID for the selling plan group.

The name of the selling plan group.


An array of selling_plan_group_option objects. A selling_plan_group_option object contains the name and respective values of an individual item in the selling_plan_group.options array.

Returns the selling plan option’s name.


Returns the index of the the option amongst all the selling_plan_group.options.


Returns the value for the selling plan group option when a selling plan allocation is selected. The selected selling plan allocation is based on both the URL parameters selling_plan and id.


An array of values for the selling plan group option.


Returns true if the selected selling plan is part of the selling plan group. The selected selling plan is based on the URL parameter selling_plan.


An array of selling_plan objects that belong to the selling_plan_group.


An optional string provided by an app to identify selling plan groups created by that app.

If no string is provided by the app, then this property returns nil.

For example, if an app creates selling plan groups with an app_id of "yourApp", then you can use the where filter to create an array of only those selling plan groups.