The transaction object

The transaction object has the following attributes:


Returns the amount of the transaction. This amount is in the customer's local (presentment) currency. Use one of the money filters to return the value in a monetary format.


Returns the timestamp of when the transaction was created. Use the date filter to format the timestamp.


Returns the name of the payment provider used for the transaction.

Returns a unique numeric identifier for the transaction.


Returns the type of transaction. There are five transaction types:

  • authorization is the reserving of money that the customer has agreed to pay.
  • capture is the transfer of the money that was reserved during the authorization stage.
  • sale is a combination of authorization and capture, performed in one step.
  • void is the cancellation of a pending authorization or capture.
  • refund is the partial or full refund of the captured money to the customer.

Returns the name of the transaction.


The payment_details object contains additional properties related to the payment method used in the transaction.


Returns the name of the company who issued the customer's credit card.


Returns the customer's credit card number. All but the last four digits are redacted.


Returns the gift card Drop if it is used in the transaction