Partner API

Version 2021-10 (latest)
Version 2021-10 (latest)

The Partner API enables Shopify Partners to programmatically access the data found in their Partner Dashboard. This access enables Partners to effectively scale their business by automating their front and back office operations, freeing up time to focus on delivering value to Shopify merchants. You can use this API to read the following information:


  • The Partner API is only available through GraphQL.
  • This is a versioned API. Updates are released quarterly.
  • All requests to the Partner API must be authenticated.
  • The Partner API enforces rate limits on all requests.
  • All apps and services connecting to the Partner API are subject to Shopify’s API Terms of Service.
  • Only organization owners can create and manage Partner API clients.

Getting started

You can use the following links to get started with the GraphQL Partner API: