Partner API reference

The Partner API provides access to data from the Partner Dashboard. This enables you to build automations and integrations for commonly accessed information.

GraphQL endpoint

All GraphQL API queries are made on a single endpoint, which only accepts POST requests:

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Available Partner API resources

  • App events — Events related to private and public apps managed by your Partner organization.

  • Common objects — Common Partner API objects.

  • Directives — A directive describes additional options to the GraphQL executor. It allows GraphQL to change the result of the query or mutation based on the additional information provided by the directive.

  • Jobs — The jobs that you have received from the Experts Marketplace.

  • Scalars — Scalars are primitive values such as Int or String. GraphQL queries and responses take the form of a hierarchical tree; the leaves on these trees are GraphQL scalars.

  • Transactions — The line items related to your earnings and payouts.