Common objects

Common Partner API objects.

In this section

  • Actor — A Partner organization or shop.

  • ApiVersion — A version of the API.

  • App — A Shopify app.

  • AppPricingInterval — The billing frequency for the app.

  • Conversation — A conversation with a merchant through the Experts Marketplace.

  • ConversationStatus — The status of the Experts Marketplace conversation.

  • Currency — Supported monetary currencies from ISO 4217.

  • MerchantUser — A merchant account. This might be a shop owner, a staff member, or a user that isn’t associated with a shop. A single merchant account can be associated with many shops.

  • Money — A monetary value with currency.

  • Node — An object with an ID to support global identification.

  • Organization — A Partner organization.

  • QueryRoot — The schema’s entry-point for queries. This acts as the public, top-level API from which all queries must start.

  • Shop — A Shopify shop.

  • ShopifyEmployee — A Shopify employee.

  • TeamMember — An owner or staff member of the Partner Organization.

  • Theme — A Shopify theme.