Shopify Ping API Reference

A list of the Shopify Ping API endpoints and their parameters.

Create a new conversation

Create a new conversation with at least one participant.

HTTP request

Expected HTTP status response: 201 - Conversation was created.


JSON request body

Parameter Description Type
topic The conversation's topic. string
source_type The source of the conversation: email, sms, messages. string
urls An array of URL paths to the message avatars. [string]
initials A single character representing the conversation avatar. string
group The type of participant. string
name A String that defines the group’s name. string
avatar The group's avatar URL. string
id The participant's ID. string
shopify_user_id The participant's Shopify user ID. integer
nameRequired The participant's name. string
avatar The participant's avatar URL path. string
groupRequired The participant's group. string
customer_id The customer's ID. integer

Update a conversation

Update a conversation with at least one participant.

HTTP request