2020-04 release notes

Release date Date version is no longer supported
April 1, 2020 July 1, 2021

The 2020-04 release contains changes to support order editing on the Storefront API, viewing and refunding duties on orders on the Admin API, and offers more information about media that has been embedded on product pages through product media.

What's new in 2020-04

The following features were added in version 2020-04 of Shopify’s APIs:

  • Duties and Taxes are now available for testing through the "Duties and taxes" developer preview. Duties are calculated per line item on international orders, and can be viewed as a part of the LineItem in GraphQL. Visit our doc on testing with developer preview to get started.

  • Additional fields were added to the Order and OrderLineItem objects in the Storefront API to better support order editing and provide better visibility into an order's state.

  • 3D models and videos embedded on product pages using Media will now expose the filename, which allows for easier identification of relevant resources.

Breaking changes

These changes require special attention. If your app uses these API resources and you don’t upgrade to a more recent API version, then your app will break.

Price reductions removed

The productBulkAddPriceReductions and productBulkRemovePriceReductions GraphQL mutations have been removed as of 2020-04.

New error codes for media objects

New values have been added to the MediaErrorCode type to better represent the different types of errors that can occur when creating media objects.

New error codes for customers on Storefront API

More specific error codes have been added to the CustomerErrorCode when a customer provides an invalid email domain during checkout. These errors were previously returned as generic invalid customer or token errors.

REST Admin API changes

The Location resource now returns the localized names for the location's country and province.

New properties

  • localized_country_name property was added to Location resource
  • localized_province_name property was added to Location resource

The Order, Refund, and AbandonedCheckout resources have been updated to help manage duties and taxes.

Order updates

New properties

  • Added current_total_duties_set property to Order resource.
  • Added original_total_duties_set property to Order resource.
  • Added list of duties to line_items object in Order resource.