2021-01 release notes

Release date Date version is no longer supported
January 1, 2021 January 1, 2022

The 2021-01 release contains native support for subscriptions through our new Subscription APIs.

This release also includes support for scheduled fulfillments to facilitate prepaid subscriptions, automatic activation of app charges, and more granular financial information on orders and transactions, such as fees and tip totals.

What’s new in 2021-01

The following features were added in version 2021-01 of Shopify's APIs:

  • We've included several new endpoints and resources to help you manage subscriptions on behalf of merchants. You can use selling plans to set delivery, billing, and pricing policies for groups of products. When a customer places an order that includes a product with a selling plan, you can manage subscription contracts to support recurring payments on the customer payment methods that are available.
  • We've released a product subscription app extension that allows you to manage subscriptions directly inside the Shopify admin.
  • Fulfillment orders now support the SCHEDULED status, which displays for any orders that include a prepaid subscription. To learn more about how fulfillments and subscriptions work together, refer to the Create and manage fulfillments for prepaid subscriptions.
  • Accepted application charges now automatically transition into an active state. To learn more about creating and issuing charges, refer to Charging for your app with the REST Admin API.
  • The new TransactionFee object includes more detailed information about fees collected as a part of Shopify Payments payouts, including the flat rate charges, percentage charges, and a breakdown of the tax charged on these fees.
  • The GraphQL Admin API now includes tips received as a part of an order in both shop and presentment currencies using the totalTipReceivedSet field on the Order object. This increased granularity helps accounting apps report accurately on fees and tips for order transactions.

Breaking changes

These changes require special attention. If your app uses these API resources and you don’t upgrade to a more recent API version, then your app will break.

Status field in REST FulfillmentOrder resource

As of the 2021-01 API version, we've added a new scheduled value to the status field in the FulfillmentOrder resource.

For more information, refer to Managing prepaid subscription orders.

Auto-activate billing charges using the REST Admin API

We've removed the accepted value for the status field and the activate endpoint on the ApplicationCharge and RecurringApplicationCharge resources.

As of the 2021-01 API version, when a merchant accepts a charge, the charge immediately transitions from pending to active. This means that you no longer need to activate the charge to finalize it.

Cursor-based pagination

The /admin/api/{version}/users.json endpoint now supports curso