2021-10 release notes

Release date Date version is no longer supported
October 1, 2021 October 1, 2022

The 2021-10 version of Shopify's APIs includes significant improvements to the Storefront API, including a new Cart API and the ability to fetch specific resources by ID. This version also includes bulk operation webhooks, manual fulfillment holds for pre-orders, and SMS marketing consent endpoints to represent a customer’s willingness to receive SMS marketing communications.

What’s new in 2021-10

The following features were added in version 2021-10 of Shopify's APIs:

  • You can now interact directly with carts using the Storefront API. The Cart API allows you to get all the contextual information about an upcoming order without the need to create a checkout until the customer is ready to pay.
  • New fields were added to the Storefront API QueryRoot object to fetch individual resources directly. You can query blogs, collections, pages, and products by ID or a handle.
  • The Bulk Operations API now includes the bulk_operations/finish webhook. You can subscribe to this webhook to be notified when a bulk operation has completed, failed, or been cancelled.
  • The Fulfillment Orders API now supports apps placing fulfillment holds on items for backorders or pre-orders before the item is available for fulfillment.
  • API clients can now use the Customer API to retrieve, add, and update customers' consent to receive marketing materials by SMS.
  • You can now use metafield definitions to create additional validation constraints for metafields. You can also use standard metafield definitions, which have specific meanings for common use cases and help merchants manage their data.